Hi people of the world! (mom and dad).

It’s been many moons since I’ve posted anything on here due to website issues that would just bore you. But I’m back, and with a lot of exciting news!

I had the pleasure of attending SPX (Small Press Expo) this year to debut my comic, Foggy Notions. My mind was blown by the amazing things I got to experience.


We were both a bit jet lagged as he had flown in from the Netherlands and I had from the Philippines. Michiel’s book, Francine, is indescribably hilarious and beautifully drawn. How I ended up signing beside him is beyond me but I won’t complain…I had a blast hanging out with him!


Being a huge nerd

Checking out each other’s comics and forgetting that we’re supposed to be signing them

Losing my cool because Gabrielle Bell wants to buy my comic



This was my first time as a participant in a comics event in the United States. It was kind of a haze (like my wedding day) because of the sensory overload. I had a constant panic that I would forget to buy comics on my list (I did) or to take this rare opportunity to meet certain people (missed it).


(left) My first badge! Yes, I know, cheap thrills but it meant a lot to me.

(right) With my amazing publisher, Matt Moses of Hic and Hoc. He has very good taste in comics, and is really not that short.





I participated in a panel titled “The Serious Business of Humorous Memoir” with Keith Knight (K Chronicles), Glynnis Fawkes (Reign Of Crumbs), and Jennifer Hayden (The Story Of My Tits) moderated by Marc Sobel. Here it is if you are so inclined to watch 49 minutes of my nervous fidgeting while everyone else eloquently speaks.


I’ll be at the Blender Comics booth (Table 122) this Saturday, October 14 at Elements at Centris. I’ll be debuting Malarkey #2 and will have a few copies of Foggy Notions which is only available abroad. And stickers!

Malarkey #2 was reviewed by Rob Clough on his award-winning comics blog, High-Low.

Phew! That’s all, folks! I will be putting up more comics soon again, I promise! See you guys this weekend!