This is a test. Sort of. My site was apparently “hacked into oblivion”, prompting me to switch hosting, get a new theme, blah blah. I won’t bore you with the technical stuff but a strange result of this was that images would be missing for those who subscribe to this blog and get posts straight to their inboxes. (Also why I haven’t been posting much on here—check out my tumblr for my latest comics).

I’m hoping the matter has been sorted, and the only way to see it is if I write a post. That said, here it is:


Malarkey and Foggy Notions


My comic, Foggy Notions, is out in stores across the US and randomly in Europe (my dad saw it at Orbital comics in London and a comic shop, Grober Unfug, tagged me on Instagram, what a trip!).
I had 25 copies for sale at Summer Komikon here, sold out but I will be getting more for the November Komikon.

Best place to order it is at the Hic & Hoc store. They ship internationally too!


High-Low (Minis reviews by Rob Clough)
The Comics Journal (Best Short-Form Comics of 2016)
Ryan C.’s Four Color Apocalypse

Foggy Notions:
The Comics Journal
Broken Frontier (Andy Oliver)


Once I get this blog sorted, I’ll post a lot more comics! Thanks for stopping by.