Here is my new comic about my first (real) boyfriend. I haven’t posted in a long time because I’ve been schooling myself in the magical ways of Lynda Barry and Ivan Brunetti. It’s really helped me loosen up and I’ve taken a totally different approach to this one. Enjoy!


myfirstboyfriend-p2 myfirstboyfriend-p3


Here are some choice daily comics diaries I did. Remember the days before social media when you drew or wrote without the devil in the back of your head saying “Will this be worth posting?”. I just said fuck it and drew for myself. Tah dah! Unbridled expression albeit bad art. Try it sometime!




Now this was a fun exercise…I was given a random list of things to draw (something sexy, something you saw today, something annoying, etc.) and then required to list quotes, things I’ve heard, things I’ve said, things I’ve overheard, etc. Then I decided which of the drawings went well with each of the captions. I think the result quite funny, which goes to show that you don’t have the draw with a “pun” in mind…you can find spontaneous humor in everyday images. Sorry for the porn…the topic was “something sexy”.



Anyway, besides the Facebook thing, I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this blog, so if you are, give me a holler in the comments box! Otherwise, I’ve been thinking of switching over to something like tumblr, where it’s easier to post one-offs like Instagram, of useless, funny or scary drawings, including the obligatory penis doodles. Thanks a lot for stopping by!