I can see you right now. How else would I know that you are reading this on some kind of electronic device? Eh? Eh? To quote Zappa: Isn’t that amazing?

There is no way in hell anyone could be living a more extraordinary life than I am right now (the pictures prove it), so I made this comic as an ode to social media—the miracle that allows the world to be aware of what I’m doing at every second of every day. You’re welcome.social-media-p1

In other news, I will be at Komikon this weekend, peddling my wares, thanks to Blender Comics. Event details are as follows:

Komikon 2015
November 14–15 (Sat–Sun)
10 am–7 pm
Bayanihan Center
Unilab Compound, Pasig City

I will be there after noon (just in case I’m hungover) on Saturday, around 1–3 pm. So come on over so we can meet in person and I will make you a sharpie tattoo! Here is the cover of my comic, “Malarkey”, which is a compilation of my online comics with other goodies mixed in:


Hope to see you there!