• anemptytextlline
    "November Garcia represents a welcome trend in memoir comics: autobio that’s funny above all else... [Foggy Notions] is as much a history of the burgeoning gentrification of even some of the roughest spots in San Francisco as it is about her journey in the city. Garcia is funny because she zeroes in on the weird, the inappropriate and the extreme—and that’s just with regard to her own behavior... there’s never a wasted panel or sense of padding in her stories: everything serves either the story moving forward or is a funny gag—and the gags usually move the story forward as well."
    ~ Rob Clough, The Comics Journal
    "Bleakly humorous in tone... Garcia’s comics connect instantly with the reader due largely to her appealing everyperson narration and self-deprecating persona. Social embarrassment is at the forefront of many of the strips herein... wonderfully awkward moments... it all ends far too quickly. "
    ~ Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier
    Hic and Hoc Publications
  • Malarkey 2
    "There’s a tremendous amount to admire in Malarkey — so much so that I struggle to categorize all the things about it that impress me. It’s honest, it’s self-deprecating, it’s witty, it’s smart, it’s superbly illustrated, and it’s utterly devoid of pretense. If you were to strip away the layers of bullshit so many cartoonists surround themselves with in their portrayals of their “real” lives, boil down the essence of the things they get right, and filter it through a lens that sees the humor inherent in just about everything, this is what you’d get."
    ~ Ryan Carey, Daily Grindhouse
  • anemptytextlline
    "Garcia has her own unique voice, and that's not just because she lives in the Philippines. Her sense of comic timing, her willingness to use aspects of her life (as well as the lives of others) as a rich vein for her comic material, and her skill with regard to body language, expressiveness and page layouts made every story a delight to read."
    ~ Rob Clough, High-Low