Hi guys,

Here is a mish mash of comics that I wanted to put on my imaginary Patreon, plus the hourly comics day thing. My intention was to create a Patreon page and send all proceeds to the only no-kill animal shelter in Manila (with a receipt every month to show you where your money’s going). I just find Patreon to be an efficient way to get comics to a specific audience but felt shitty about asking for money since I’m doing alright financially. Maybe one day…

Anyway, I’ve also included some news (photos, plus links to comics on publications + future stuff).

I did a piece for PEN America about growing up catholic in the Philippines:

Read the rest here: https://pen.org/blind-faith/

I also did a piece for Popula about losing my virginity in an unusual spot:

Read it here: https://popula.com/2019/01/13/hole-number-one/

Here is an abandoned comic about a comic:

Yeah, yeah, I did the damn hourly comic thing. Here it is, 2019, jerks:

I know I’m not the best at updating this thing but I won the Dash Grant for Short Run Seattle last November. It was an amazing show and I highly recommend it. I got to see my BFF Tom Van Deusen and made a comic where he is only in one panel:

Here are more photos from Short Run:

I made my wildest dreams come true and exhibited the original Malarkey #3 cover of me pooping, at the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery!

Malarkey 3

Me with the great Mimi Pond!!!

Mimi Pond

Best tablemates (TVD and Brandon Lehmann)

Was lucky enough to have Andy Pratt from CAKE tabling behind me!

Look into the future…appearances…

CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) June 1-2
SPX (Small Press Expo) Sept 14-15

Thanks for reading this far!