This is my first title published in the U.S. and focuses on tales of bad decisions, bad jobs and good times from when I lived in San Francisco (sandwiched between the first tech bubble collapse and the beginning of the second tech boom). Available at the Hic and Hoc Publications store or possibly at your local comic book store. If they don’t have it, demand it!
Here is a review from The Comics Journal’s Rob Clough.
Here is a review from Broken Frontier’s Andy Oliver.
Here is a review from Just Indie Comics. (It’s in Italian but you can Google Translate)
Here is an interview with FlipGeeks.


This is my mini, which was reviewed on esteemed critic Rob Clough’s High-Low and was put on his list of The Best Short-Form Comics of 2016 in The Comics Journal.

If you live in the Philippines, it’s available through Blender Media. If you’re in the USA, I’ll be bringing some copies to CAKE 2017. Anywhere else, drop me a line!